36 Popular Foods that Start with C (Fruits, Vegetables, Breakfast, Lunch, and More)

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Do you enjoy trivia? Having fun with letters? Or even looking to simply make a list of foods that start with C? Whatever your reason, learning about the different foods that start with C can be both fun and interesting.

How many foods can you name off the top of your head that start with the letter C? Go ahead and try!! Now think about how you would like to eat those foods and how good they are for you.

Read on to see what foods you got right and which ones you missed!

Fruits That Start With C

Photo collage showing 4 fruits that start with letter c.
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1. Cherries

Did you know that there are actually two types of cherries? Tart and sweet!  The colors vary from yellow to a deep red and the taste is different depending on which type of cherry and where they come from.

What you may find most fascinating about cherries is that there are some amazing health benefits to them:  they are a great antioxidant and can promote healthy sleep, provide arthritis relief, reduce pain after workouts, and curb cholesterol.

2. Cantaloupe

 Looking for the perfect summer treat? Then look no further, because cantaloupe is your answer. You may wonder why, but the simple answer is that cantaloupe keeps you quite hydrated due to the levels of potassium it contains.

If you’re looking to grow your own food, you can plant cantaloupes in full sun in well-drained soil. It needs about 80-90 days to mature!

3. Clementine

Clementines, not to be confused with tangerines, can be identified by their smaller size. However, they are easily peelable like tangerines but have smoother, shinier skin and brighter colors.

Clementines are best to consume during the months of November to February and you can get the best nutrients from them when you peel or zest them.

4. Cranberries

Cranberries, the superfood of fruits! Also quite versatile! You can eat them raw, add them in stuffing, casseroles, or even in desserts.

Native to North America, cranberries are high in antioxidants and nutrients that can lower the risk of urinary tract infections, prevent certain types of cancer, decrease blood pressure, and increase the immune system.

Vegetables That Begin With Letter C

Photo collage showing 6 vegetables that start with C.

5. Cabbage

Cabbage is related to broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts. It’s a leafy vegetable crop for its dense-leaved heads.

Commonly added in salads, soups, stews, and even stir fry, cabbage will not only provide you with a good amount of vitamins, but can also lower blood pressure and improve digestion.

6. Carrots

Have you heard that carrots improve your eyesight? Although not completely accurate, carrots contain beta carotene in which the body converts to Vitamin A, which is essentially good for your vision.

To get the best nutrient, beta carotene, you actually need to cook the carrots rather than eating them raw. While eating them raw provides you with about 3% beta carotene, cooking them provides you with 40%. Try carrots in a soup, stew or treat yourself to a carrot cake!

7. Cauliflower

Mark Twain once said that cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education! 

Did you know that cauliflower can actually come in shades of orange, purple and green? Regardless of that, each cauliflower tastes the same. The best part is that it is packed full of vitamins. It is commonly used as a substitute for many carb dishes such as mashed potatoes, rice, breaded chicken wings and pasta.

8. Celery

Well known for being low in calories, celery is ideal for a healthy snack. Unlike other vegetables, it retains most of its nutrients when steamed.

Versatile as well, you can pair celery with peanut butter, cheese dip,  dips, put in salads, and stir fries. The best part is that celery actually has medicinal benefits-antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and can potentially lower sugar levels. Another popular way to consumer celery is to make Celery Juice.

9. Corn

Corn has become a staple in many households across the world. Commonly served as a side dish, corn is rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals

Unlike many other vegetables, corn is used in the production of starch, sweeteners, corn oil and beverages.

10. Cucumber

Great for preventing dehydration, cucumbers are high in water content. They make a great additive to your drinking water that will provide a quenching taste but will overall aid in weight loss, lowering blood pressure and improving skin health.

You can easily and quickly grow cucumbers providing you ensure they get enough sun and water.

Breakfast Beginning With Letter C

Photo collage showing breakfast dishes that start with c.

11. Cappuccino

Sick and tired of drinking coffee every day? Bored with the same morning regime? Venture out a bit and try a cappuccino. Java Chip Cappuccino is one of my favorite drinks.

Commonly known as a drink from Italy, a cappuccino provides you with a boost of caffeine-made up of espresso and steamed milk.

12. Cereal

Both kids and adults alike can definitely appreciate a good bowl of cereal. It is one of those meals that can truly be eaten at any time of the day but has been long consumed in Western society as just breakfast and made up of processed grains.

With March 7th being national cereal day, you will need to grab your favorite bowl of cereal and celebrate. Be cautious though as most cereals contain high amounts of sugar!

13. Cinnamon Roll

How about some ooey gooey cinnamon rolls for breakfast? In just about an hour you can create and enjoy your very own cinnamon rolls. Crunched on time? You can always buy the premade ones that you just pop in the oven.

Created back in the first world war, cinnamon rolls are a sweet roll (with cinnamon) that are quite popular in Northern Europe and North America.

14. Coffee

A drink brewed and prepared from roasted coffee beans that are picked and dried out.

Linked to reduce stroke, heart disease, kidney disease and even alzheimers, coffee has become a staple in the average household’s morning routine. With many people relying on coffee to kick start their day and even give them that extra boost midday.

15. Crêpe

A thinner version of the pancake, commonly referred to as a french pancake, crepes are sweet or savory.

Often people will fill crepes with fillings such as fruit and meat, but you can go ahead and be creative with it! What will you fill yours with?

16. Croissant

Although it is commonly believed that croissants are french, they actually originate from Austria and are a buttery and flaky pastry.

They are made from a layered yeast leavened dough and are commonly consumed for breakfast. Over the years people have become quite creative with their croissants, drizzling with syrups, adding fillings or turning them into croissant donuts.

17. Cornbread

A quick and easy bread made from cornmeal and typically served as a side dish-traditional in Native American families.

More commonly found now in Southern dishes, cornbread can be baked, steamed, fried and even baked into cakes.

Lunch That Start With C

Photo collage of 4 lunch recipes that start with c.

18. Caesar Salad

Composed of romaine lettuce, caesar dressing, parmesan cheese and croutons, caesar salad is the perfect option for lunch.

It typically is about 470 calories but can increase in calories when you add in meats such as bacon and chicken.

19. Calzone

Who doesn’t love pizza without the mess or without the toppings coming off when you take a bite? Well that is essentially what a calzone is!

An Italian dish, calzones are an oven baked folded pizza that dates back to Naples in the 18th century.

20. Chili

The perfect comfort food for that cold wintery night, chili is an easy go-to meal.

Stick some tomato sauce, spices, kidney beans and ground beef in a crock pot and you are on your way to a delicious, warm and comforting meal.

21. Clam Chowder

Want to eat the clams without eating them directly out of the shell? Try clam chowder!

An American soup that is made up of clams and milk, clam chowder is becoming more commonly served with diced potatoes, celery and onions to give it more flavor and density.

Snacks & Desserts That Start with C

Photo collage showing 7 desserts that start with c.

22. Cake

Who doesn’t love cake?  Traditionally served in many households around the world during times of celebration, the cake is also becoming an everyday dessert.

A sweet food made of flour, eggs, sugar and flavoring you can’t go wrong with treating yourself and your family to cake for dessert any day of the week.

23. Cashews

Did you know that cashews actually grow on trees? A cashew tree is a tropical evergreen that is more commonly found in Brazil, India, Vietnam and Africa.

Cashews are a great way to curb your cravings and are high in fiber and protein. Nutrients in cashews are great for your brain, energy production and your bone health. So next time you go buy some nuts, reach for the cashews.

24. Cheesecake

Did you know that cheesecake is not actually a cake? A common debate on whether or not it is a pie or a cake, despite its name is actually a pie or a torte.

Cheesecake is heavy on cream cheese, butter and eggs but you will not be disappointed when you dive into a slice! Especially when you get adventurous with your toppings!

25. Chestnuts

Remember as a child you would step on the enclosed green shells to pop out the chestnuts? If not, maybe you remember hearing about chestnuts by the open fire?

Whatever your memory is, you’ll be happy to know that chestnuts are a great source of antioxidants. Remember though, that you have to always cook your chestnuts and never eat them raw.

26. Chocolate

Whether chocolate is a treat, comfort food, or an additive in your baked dishes, you probably have enjoyed chocolate at some point in your life. But really, who doesn’t love chocolate?

It is made from the fruit of a cacao tree but made into just about any flavor. Keep in mind that the best chocolate for you is dark chocolate with a cacao content of 70% or higher.

27. Cookies

A baked good that is typically flat and round, cookies are a scrumptious treat that anyone can enjoy!!

There are about 6 different types of cookies: refrigerated, bar cookies, drop cookies, rolled, molded and pressed. If you’re like me, you love to bake them and taste them fresh and warm out of the oven, or if you’re in a rush grab the store-bought kinds. For a more fancy recipe, try out our Mochi Cookies!

28. Crème Brulee

Directly translated, creme brulee is essentially burnt cream. A creamy dessert that consists of custard topped with a caramelized sugar.

You can make this french dessert easily at home, baking it with a traditional recipe or cooking it Sous Vide. Don’t be thrown off by the amount of time, this dessert is quite easy to make!

Other Foods that Start with Letter C

Photo collage showing 8 other foods that start with c.

29. Calamari

Seafood fans love and rave about this dish. Often seen as a delicacy, calamari can be an acquired taste.

Often mistaken for octopus, calamari is actually squid and more commonly served battered and deep-fried.

30. Cajun

Looking for a little spice and extra flavoring to your meal? Well cajun is the way to go!

Great for summer recipes, cajun seasoning provides a smokey, garlicky and pepper flavor to any of your meats! Most commonly put on seafood and chicken!

31. Casserole

Casseroles are an essential part of any family gathering, mainly because they are made to serve larger groups.

They are typically described as a deep dish that is baked. Most common casseroles are ones made with meat, vegetables and pasta while stuck together with cheesy goodness.

32. Catfish

Catfish are low in protein but high in omega 3 fats- good to eat farm raised rather than freshly caught.

Said to be one of the best fish you will ever eat with a sweet, mild and moist taste to it.

33. Cheese

Made from milk, cheese comes in a wide range of flavors and tastes. Cheese has multiple uses from baking, to cooking to serving as an appetizer.

Fun fact, mozzarella cheese is actually the best cheese for you! While the more popular cheeses are cheddar, parmesan, brie and Roquefort.

34. Chicken

Most commonly consumed meat or poultry in the world, chicken can be found on anyone’s dinner table-especially those who don’t eat red meat.

Chicken can be grilled, fried, baked or for your gatherings-served as chicken wings! Whatever option you choose, you will never be disappointed.

35. Coconut

If you’ve ever been on a tropical vacation, then you have probably tried coconut in its truest form. If you haven’t then you have probably at least tried coconut in a chocolate bar, in desserts or as flavored water.

Coconuts are the fruit of a coconut palm and most commonly found in tropical regions such as India, South America, Africa and the Caribbean.

36. Crab

Crabs are commonly caught and eaten fresh, and if you are near the Chesapeake bay you will be able to catch and eat your very own blue crabs. Most popular crabs to eat are king crabs and snow crabs.

If eating the whole crab isn’t your forte, then opt for crab legs as your seafood treat.

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Editor note: Originally published Jan 14, 2021 and updated April 7, 2021.

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