24 Popular Foods that Start with T (Breakfast, Snack, Dessert and More)

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From your everyday favorites to perhaps something you’ve never experienced before, try out some Foods that Start with “T” today! This list covers breakfast, snacks, dessert and more, and I’m sure you’ll find something you like!

From your everyday favorites to perhaps something you’ve never experienced before, try out some Foods that Start with “T” today! This list covers breakfast, snacks, dessert and more, and I’m sure you’ll find something you like!
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Have you heard of Taro before? Or read about its health benefits? Continue reading to find out more!

Breakfast Foods that Start with Letter T

1. Tater Tots

Tater Tots

Who doesn’t love tater tots? They are that perfect cross of being in between a French fry and a potato! Easy to bake and easy to dip! Tater tots are simply grated potatoes formed into the shape of cylinders and then deep-fried. With just 15 minutes of prep time, for some potatoes, you can easily skip the store-bought tater tots and make your own.

2. Toast

Essentially bread browned by toasting, toast is easily one of the most versatile pieces of food. You can spread anything on it from jam, to peanut butter to mayo or simply eat it plain. WIth butter or margarine being the most popular option, you can step it up a notch and turn that slice of toast into a scrumptious sandwich! The toppings and spread options are endless!

Snacks Beginning with T

3. Taco

Who doesn’t love a good taco? This classic Mexican street food is a hit with people of all ages and preferences. Believe it or not, side dishes can make or break your taco night – and there are so many delicious sides to serve with tacos! We’ve covered different side dish options from fruits, veggies, salad, soup, rice, together with taco topping ideas.

A traditional Mexican dish that consists of a hard or soft corn tortilla shell with fillings. A true Mexican taco contains grilled meat that is marinated overnight, whereas an American taco is traditionally filled with ground beef or ground pork. The common toppings between them both are lettuce, vegetables, salsa, hot sauce and onions. Next time you’re out, try a truly authentic Mexican taco, you may never go back to the ones you’re familiar with.

4. Tangerine

It’s a citrus fruit that’s often mistaken for a clementine. The easiest way to tell the difference is to pick it up. The size difference between a clementine and tangerine is slight but still evident, tangerines have a tougher skin making them harder to peel and a tarty taste. The best part is that by consuming just one tangerine, you are already getting 14-percent of your daily Vitamin C intake.

5. Thumbprint Cookies

Thumbprint cookies

Also known as a Swedish pastry called Hallongrotta, which translates to the raspberry cave, thumbprint cookies are a common holiday cookie. If you aren’t a stranger to shortbread, then making these should be a walk in the park.  All you do is make your dough, form into balls and yes, you guessed it, press your thumb into the middle of it. You can either place jam in the middle, chocolate or your favorite nut.

Desserts that Start with T

6. Tart


Tart is a delicious dessert that consists of filling a pie shell with jelly, custard or fruit filling without covering it up or simply put as, open top. Tarts can be sweet or savory depending on your choice of filling.

7. Tapioca

You are probably most familiar with tapioca when it’s used in tapioca pudding, however, it is actually a starch. Tapioca is commonly used as a thickening agent in both sweet and savory dishes and is extracted from the cassava root.

8. Tiramisu

A coffee-flavored Italian dessert, Tiramisu is easily a go-to dessert order in any Italian restaurant. Combining ladyfingers dipped in coffee, layered with eggs, sugar and mascarpone, this delectable dessert is a must-have!

9. Tortilla Chips

Tortilla Chips

Made from corn tortillas, tortilla chips are a staple at pretty much any family gathering, sports event or party. Make them from scratch by cutting tortillas into small triangular pieces and bake them, or buy the premade bags at your local grocery store. Don’t forget the salsa, guacamole, cheese and sour cream for your dips.

Other Foods that Start with T

10. Tabasco

Probably the most commonly known and used hot sauce around, made from tabasco peppers. You’d be surprised that although known as a hot sauce, it is said to have more of a sweet-spicy taste rather than simply hot.

Try it on your favorite meat or vegetarian dish today.

11. Taro

A starchy root derived from Asia, now known and growing in popularity around the world. Taro is comparable in taste to a sweet potato and easily soaks up any spice or marinade like a sponge. It contains high levels of Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E which help to obtain a healthy immune system overall.

12. Tea

Some people are said to be either a coffee or a tea person, however tea is said to be easier on the stomach. The easy solution to this is to enjoy a coffee in the morning and a nice cup of steeped tea in the evening with your favorite tart. The best part about tea is that not only does it help to reduce cancer and heart disease but it comes in a variety of flavors from white, to black, raspberry, orange pekoe and so much more!

13. Tempura

Commonly known as a Japanese dish that consists of seafood, meat, or vegetables that have been battered and deep-fried. All you need for the batter is flour, cornstarch, salt, egg and some ice water and you are on your way to your own tempura dish!

14. Teriyaki Chicken

Teriyaki Chicken Bowl recipe is an easy 15 minute Japanese rice bowl recipe with delicious chicken teriyaki sauce. No marinading needed!
Teriyaki Chicken Bowls

Juicy and tender, teriyaki chicken is a dish that will have your family coming back for seconds! It can easily be made with a premade sauce from your local grocery store and some boneless chicken or you can make your own Teriyaki sauce by combining brown sugar, soy sauce, garlic, sesame oil, and ginger.

15. Thai Curries

Red, yellow and green are the colors of Thai curries – all are dependent on the color of your curry paste. This dish is simply made from coconut milk, seafood, vegetables, herbs and curry.  If you’re looking for a spicy dish opt for the red, milder is green made from cilantro and yellow on the cooler side which is made from cardamom.

16. Thyme

Thyme is a herb, and part of the mint family. It’s also a relative to Oregano.

It has culinary, medicinal and ornamental uses. Talk about history – thyme was used by the Egyptians to embalm, and Ancient Greeks used it in baths and burnt it as incense thinking it was a sign of courage. Thyme is used both fresh and dried, and is commonly found in mouthwashes such as Listerine.

17. Tilapia

Seafood anyone? Tilapia is freshwater fish that is on the less expensive side to buy or order from a restaurant. Critics will tell you to stay away from eating this fish as it is high in fatty acids, but if you’re looking for a hardy fish that is easy to prepare then this is the option for you.

18. Tofu

Tofu is bean curd that is a common option for vegans to use as an alternative to meat or eggs. It is made from soy milk and can be eaten by way of frying on the stove with your favorite spices, baking it in the oven or adding it to some of your favorite dishes such as a stir fry.

19. Tomato

Plum tomatoes are colorful, egg-shaped tomatoes that are great for making thick tomato sauce and tomato paste due to its relatively low water content. So what are they exactly? How to use them? What are the sizes? How to make tomato sauce? Let’s find out everything about plum tomato in this post! #PlumTomatoes

Is there any food more versatile than a tomato? You say tomato, I say tomato!

There are still people out there that don’t realize that the tomato is a fruit. However, tomatoes are considered culinary vegetables. From pizza to pasta, the tomato and its sauce are important ingredients.

Heck, you can even throw some salt and pepper on it and eat it whole like an apple. Just be careful of all those succulent juices.

20. Tortilla Soup

A classic Mexican soup that is made from tomato base. Like many traditional Mexican dishes, it contains corn, beans, jalapenos, cilantro, and then topped with a tortilla. To add a bit more to the dish and fill you up more, just add chicken.

21. Trout

Another freshwater fish that is good to catch and prepare right from the water. The fillets are usually pretty thin and easy to grill! Trout belongs to the salmon family and is probably one of the healthiest fish you can eat, and is a great source of protein.

22. Tuna

Tuna Nigiri is made with sashimi-grade tuna and vinegared sushi rice – so much easier to make than maki sushi rolls! We’ll show you some simple techniques and tips so that you can make this delicious tuna sushi at home. Plus you’ll find how to cut raw tuna and customize this recipe by using cooked tuna or other seafood, or alternatives like vegetables. #TunaNigiri
Tuna Nigiri

A saltwater fish that features 15 different species. Most of us are used to seeing tuna in a can, but some people don’t realize just how big tuna fish are. In 2011 a fisherman in Massachusetts caught an 881-pounder! Canned light tuna in oil is 29% protein which is a significant source of the daily recommendation.

23. Turkey

If you’ve had turkey at any of your holiday gatherings, you and your guest have probably experienced the effects of tryptophan. Turkey contains an amino acid called tryptophan that, like most poultry dishes, makes you tired. Turkey however is a great source of Vitamin B-6 and is a great source of protein, and of course great to eat (as mentioned above) over family get-togethers!

24. Turmeric

Turmeric is that lovely spice that gives curry its yellow color. Commonly found in Asian dishes, turmeric is also becoming popular in being consumed daily to boost immune systems. Turmeric is said to be able to prevent heart disease, Alzheimer’s and Cancer. So next time that you fear getting those yellow-stained fingers, remember just how many uses and benefits it has!


We covered everything for you here…from breakfast to lunch, dinner and dessert – we even included sauces and spices that start with “T”.

So the next time you try trout at home, or see taro at the grocery store or on a menu, remember us!

Have a terrific day!!

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