18 Foods that Start with Q

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If you’re looking to impress your friends with your trivia knowledge, or better equip yourself with the letter ‘Q’ words, why not do it through food? Keeping reading to find out some foods that start with Q

You might have already known quinoa, quail, and quesadillas, but did you know quahog or quince?

This list may not be as long as some of the other letters, but you’ll be surprised how many foods start with the letter ‘Q’, from fruits, and vegetables, to snacks and breakfast. Some of the foods on this list aren’t part of most regular diets. Though maybe after reading this, they will be in yours. Keep scrolling to find out how well-versed you are in ‘Q’ foods.

Foods that Start with Letter Q

1. Quaker Oats

Quaker Oats
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Is there a more classic brand of oatmeal than Quaker Oats? The company was founded all the way back in 1877. But in 1922, they created “Quick Oats” which grew to become the instant oatmeal we know today.

Of course, Quaker continues to sell all types of oats for cookies, crumbles, and just classic breakfast fare.

2. Quahog


If you’re not from New England, New Jersey, or New York, this one may be a little unfamiliar to you. Quahogs are hard clams!

They’re often served as ‘Stuffies’, a cute name for Stuffed Quahog Clams. If you’re not convinced of just how popular they are in this part of the U.S., Rhode Island has an annual Quahog festival!

They’re great in chowders, stews, and clam cakes. To make a Stuffie, the meat is mixed with peppers, breadcrumbs, and herbs before being baked in the shell.

3. Quail


While Quail isn’t particularly popular in North America, it’s pretty central to a lot of European and Asian cuisines.

There’s actually more nutritional value in quail than in chicken…it has even more iron than beef!

They’re much smaller birds than chickens, which lends to a beautiful presentation, so you’ll sometimes find them at higher-end restaurants.

4. Quail Eggs

Quail Eggs

Since quails are much smaller than chickens, their eggs are naturally smaller too. Quail Eggs are about the size of cherry tomatoes.

They’re basically exactly the same as your standard chicken eggs – except mini! If quail eggs are accessible to you, they make adorable appetizers or light healthy snacks.

5. Quark


Quark is a type of dairy product made from sour milk. It is sometimes referred to as “curd cheese”, not to be confused with “cheese curds”.

It has been likened to cottage cheese, but it’s much softer in texture than crumbly. It’s actually more similar to Indian paneer or the Latin American queso fresco.

Quark is most common in Germany and works well in sweet and savory dishes – anything from Danish fillings to salad dressings, baked potatoes and even just used as a bagel spread.

6. Quarter Pounder Burger

Quarter Pounder Burger

There are two types of people in this world: Big Mac lovers and Quarter Pounder lovers. This McDonald’s hamburger is basically your classic burger.

It’s topped with ketchup, mustard, pickles and onions, and if you opt for cheese, you’ll get two slices. It’s the easiest way to satisfy that burger craving and on your hungrier days, you can even opt for double patties.

7. Queso Manchego Cheese

Queso Manchego Cheese

Queso Manchego is a Spanish cheese that comes from sheep’s milk. It’s a lighter, crumblier cheese, but its pleasant nutty flavor makes it a real crowd-pleaser.

Check out our queso manchego crostini for an amazing appetizer made of this delicious cheese.

You’ll find it everywhere in Spain, but if you can’t get there, it’s worth checking out your local cheese shop for a taste.

8. Quesadilla

Black Bean Quesadillas

Originally a Mexican dish, you’ll now probably have a hard time finding a restaurant that serves American food without Quesadillas on the menu.

They’re such an easy food to make, and an even easier one to make delicious. At its base, a Quesadilla fills a tortilla with cheese before cooking, but there is so much in terms of meats, cheeses and spices that you can add in from there.

9. Quiche


The wildly popular Quiche is a savory French tart that fills the pastry crust with egg custard.

The true beauty of Quiche lies in all the ways you can customize it, by adding in meats, vegetables, and cheeses before baking.

You can also very easily make mini quiches for handy breakfasts on-the-go or hors d’oeuvres.

10. Quince


Here’s one that’s a little different than the others on the list…Quince is a fruit!

It’s similar to a pear, but must be cooked before eating. While it may be inedible raw, it’s incredibly fragrant and has a sweet, almost guava-like smell.

It’s sometimes made into a paste called ‘membrillo’ that pairs nicely with cheese and is very aesthetically pleasing on a charcuterie board.

11. Quinoa


It’s the superfood that no first-time reader can figure out how to pronounce! Quinoa (keen-waa) is high in protein, but more uniquely, contains all nine amino acids.

It’s also loaded with other great things like iron, fiber, and vitamin E. It’s pretty easy to make in large batches to keep handy in your fridge for the week.

It can be added to salads, bowls, or any meal as a side dish. Its mild, nutty flavor makes it easy to load up with your favorite seasoning or pleasant to enjoy on its own.

12. Queenfish


It’s also known as queen croaker or queen crocus and refers to several species of fish found in different parts of the world. 

Queenfish are typically prized for their mild, sweet flavor and firm, white flesh. Popular cooking methods including grilling, baking, and pan-frying

13. Quenelle


It’s a classic French dish with an elegant look. 

A quenelle is a shape formed from a mixture of pureed ingredients such as fish or meat.

14. Quinoa Salad

Quinoa Salad

It combines cooked quinoa with various vegetables, herbs, and dressings to create a nutritious and refreshing side dish or main course.

15. Quail Stew

Quail Stew

Quail stew is a hearty dish made by simmering quail meat with vegetables and flavorful broth.

It’s a comforting, flavorful meal that’s great for a cold winter night. 

16. Quince Jam

Quince Jam

Quince jam is a sweet spread made from cooked quince fruit.

It’s often used as a condiment or topping for bread and desserts.

17. Quick Bread

Quick Bread

Quick bread is a type of bread that uses baking powder or soda as a leavening agent. 

The bread can be prepared quickly without yeast and long rising times.

18. Quick Oats 

Quick Oats

Quick oats are rolled oats that have been pre-cooked and dried.

They are ideal for a quick and easy hot breakfast cereal.


There you have it. Eighteen ‘Q’ foods, and by default, eighteen ‘Qu’ foods. For a real challenge, can you think of any that don’t contain a ‘u’? Let me know in the comments, I’m still trying to think of one myself.

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