24 Popular Cooked Sushi (Easy Sushi Rolls to Order at Restaurant or Make at Home)

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Many people avoid sushi because they are afraid of eating raw fish. The good news is that there are many sushi recipes that are made with vegetables, cooked seafood, or other proteins. Grab your chopsticks and dig into these 24 Popular Cooked Sushi that you can order at a Japanese restaurant or easily make at home!

From California roll sushi, to dragon roll sushi to vegan sushi, these cooked sushi recipes will get you inspired.

Cooked Sushi
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Different Types of Sushi

You can get overwhelmed when browsing the menu at a sushi restaurant, as there are so many different kinds of sushi and lots of ingredients to choose from. Before ordering sushi, it’s best to have a good understanding of the different options available.

  • Maki Sushi Rolls: This is the most common kind of sushi. It’s made by wrapping fillings in rice and nori (seaweed), then cutting the roll into bite-size pieces.
  • Uramaki Sushi Rolls: In the United States, Uramaki sushi is more popularly known as “inside out” sushi rolls. This means that the sushi is flipped over so that the rice is on the outside and the nori is on the inside
  • Nigiri: Nigiri translates to “two fingers” and it consists of a thinly sliced layer of fish such as salmon or tuna, on top of a ball of seasoned sushi rice.
  • Sashimi: Sashimi is like nigiri without the rice. Sashimi is simply a delicately sliced strip of meat, including fish, shrimp and even squid.
  • Temaki Hand Roll Sushi: Temaki rolls resemble ice cream cones. Rice, fish and other fillings are stuffed inside a cone of nori.

What Type of Japanese Sushi is Cooked?

You’ll be happy to know that not all sushi is raw and many cooked sushi rolls are available. Some people “graduate” to having raw sushi after starting out with the cooked sushi. Below are some popular cooked sushi recipes that are delicious and easy to make at home.

Best Cooked Sushi

1. Volcano Sushi

The Volcano Roll is highly addictive and will definitely blow your mind! It’s made with seafood, avocado, and cucumber rolled in seaweed sheet and sushi rice, with an incredibly delicious spicy lava topping. This recipe is easy to make and I’ll share with you the secrets on how to make a mouth-watering crab salad lava topping! #VolcanoRoll #VolcanoRollSushi

Cooked pieces of seafood such as shrimp or salmon are rolled with, vegetables and creamy avocado.

The spicy lava topping gives this sushi roll its name.

2. Dragon Roll (Shrimp Tempura Roll with Avocado Topping)

The Dragon Roll is one of the all-time best sushi dishes at Japanese restaurants. Filled with shrimp tempura and cucumber, dragon roll sushi has a delicious avocado topping, resembling the scales of a dragon. We’ll share all the tips and tricks so that you can easily make them at home!

Shrimp tempura is so crispy and addictive! The dragon roll is basically a shrimp tempura roll with a delicious avocado topping!

3. California Roll Sushi

California Roll Sushi

One of the most popular sushi rolls, this tasty sushi is made with imitation crab meat, cucumber, and avocado.

Make it at home for a light lunch or snack.

4. Nori Sushi

Nori Sushi

Nori is a necessary ingredient for maki, uramaki, and temaki sushi.

This nori sushi roll is made with your favorite fillings rolled in a seaweed sheet and sushi rice.

5. Easy Vegan Sushi

Vegan Sushi

This plant-based sushi roll is easy to make and so tasty. Swap fish for tofu and enjoy this vegan-friendly uramaki.

6. Crunchy Roll Sushi

Crunchy Roll Sushi is a delicious variation of the popular California Roll. This crunchy roll features shrimp tempura filling and a crispy topping of toasted panko breadcrumbs. The flavor and texture are out of this world! This recipe is easy to make at home, rivaling the one from your favorite Japanese restaurant.

The crunchy roll is like a California roll with lots of texture. Get ready for crunchy shrimp tempura and a toasty breadcrumb topping.

7. Boston Roll (Cooked Shrimp Sushi)

Boston Rolls are filled with creamy avocado, succulent shrimp, and crunchy cucumber, then rolled in nori seaweed sheet and sushi rice! It’s usually garnished with the bright orange tobiko (Japanese flying fish roe). In this recipe, you will learn how to make sushi rice, how to select fillings, how to roll the the sushi, and how to garnish with tobiko! #BostonRoll #BostonSushi #BostonRollSushi

Tender pieces of poached shrimp, creamy avocado, and crunchy cucumber make this Boston roll so irresistable.

Garnish with tobiko or masago if you’re feeling fancy.

8. Eel Sushi (Unagi Sushi Roll)

Unagi Sushi Rolls are filled with bbq eel, crunchy cucumber, then rolled in nori seaweed sheet and sushi rice! I like to drizzle it with delicious unagi sauce for an extra flavor. This eel sushi is a popular Japanese sushi item and one of my favorite sushi rolls. In this homemade recipe, you will learn how to make sushi rice, how to prepare the unagi, and how to roll the sushi!

Unagi sushi is made with BBQ eel and cucumber, then drizzled with a sweet and spicy unagi sauce.

9. Philadelphia Roll (Smoked Salmon Sushi)

Philadelphia roll sushi on a Japanese plate.

Delicious smoked salmon, cream cheese, and cucumber are wrapped in nori and rice for this delicious sushi roll.

10. Caterpillar Roll

This Caterpillar Roll recipe is made with delicious unagi and crunchy cucumber rolled in seaweed sheet and sushi rice, with an avocado topping. You can customize the roll with other delicious fillings. It’s so easy to make and I’ll share with you the secrets on how to make an avocado wrapper! #CaterpillarRoll #CaterpillarSushiRoll #CaterpillarMakiRoll
Caterpillar Roll

The caterpillar roll is just like the unagi roll, but with a tasty avocado topping. It looks like a caterpillar and is really fun to make with kids.

11. Tamago Nigiri Sushi (Cooked Egg Sushi)

Tamago Sushi is sweet and savory, with a light, fluffy texture. It’s made with Japanese rolled omelet (Tamagoyaki) and seasoned sushi rice. This classic egg sushi is a favorite for adults and children alike and is usually served for breakfast or as a side dish in a bento box. Tamagoyaki is also delicious when served on top of sushi rice.
Tamago Nigiri

Tamago sushi is a sweet and savory fluffy Japanese omelet atop seasoned sushi rice. Enjoy this sushi at breakfast time.

12. The Best Sushi Pizza

Here’s a way to shake up your pizza night...with Sushi Pizza! Imagine the convenience of a handheld slice of pizza with all of your favorite sushi flavors. This recipe makes a “crust” out of seaweed and rice that can be topped with all of your favorite sushi fixings like salmon, avocado, and cucumber.

Sushi pizza is like an unrolled temaki. You’ll need a triangle of nori topped with cooked sushi rice and all your favorite toppings such as avocado and smoked salmon.

13. Cooked Tuna Sushi

Cooked Tuna Sushi

Did you know that you can use canned tuna in sushi?

This recipe is quick, easy, and healthy. It’s a perfect option if you’d like to avoid raw tuna.

14. Avocado Sushi

To ensure that your sushi retains its quality and is safe to eat, it’s best to put leftovers in the fridge. Today we’re sharing some pointers on how long is sushi good for and how to properly store sushi.

This simple sushi roll is made with seasoned sushi rice and bits of creamy avocado, rolled in nori.

15. Vegetable Sushi

Vegetable Sushi

There’s no raw seafood or meat in these rolls. Enjoy homemade veggie sushi filled with ingredients like carrots, bell peppers, and cucumbers.

16. Deep Fried Sushi Rolls

Deep Fried Sushi Roll

These sushi rolls take tempura to the next level. The entire roll is smothered in a homemade tempura batter before being deep-fried to crispy perfection.

17. Spider Roll Sushi

Spider Roll Sushi is filled with soft-shell crab tempura, cucumber, and carrots, then rolled in sushi rice and nori seaweed sheet. The crab legs look like spider legs, which gave this tasty roll its name. The Spider Roll does not have any raw fish, making it ideal for those who simply do not like raw sushi. Serve it as an appetizer or snack with wasabi and soy sauce.

Soft-shell crab tempura, cucumber, and carrots make up this cooked sushi roll. Enjoy with soy sauce and wasabi.

18. Oshinko Roll

Oshinko is Japanese pickled vegetables packed with delicious flavors. My favorite is yellow radish (daikon) Oshinko – sweet, savory and refreshingly crunchy! They’re often rolled in sushi rice and seaweed sheet to make vegetarian Oshinko roll, or used as a side dish to accompany main dishes. #Oshinko #OshinkoRoll #OshinkoMaki #OshinkoSushiRoll

In Japan, Oshinko is crispy pickled vegetables such as radishes or cucumbers.

Wrap these veggies in rice and nori and you’ve got Oshinko sushi.

19. Salmon Skin Roll

Salmon Skin Roll

Seafood lovers will truly enjoy this epic sushi roll featuring crispy salmon skin.

20. Cucumber Roll

Cucumber Roll

Here’s a simple, low-calorie sushi roll featuring fresh, crunchy cucumber, pickled carrots, and creamy avocado. Perfect for vegetarians!

21. Sweet Potato Sushi Roll (Maki Roll)

Dipping a piece of sushi roll in soy sauce.

Roasted sweet potatoes are an unexpected, yet delicious ingredient in this vegan-friendly sushi roll.

22. Futomaki Roll

Futomaki Roll

Futomaki rolls are jumbo-sized sushi rolls that are so satisfying to make and eat! These rolls feature a thicker layer of sushi rice for a more filling roll.

23. Godzilla Roll

Godzilla Rolls are filled with crispy shrimp tempura, avocado and cucumber, all wrapped in nori seaweed sheets and seasoned rice. Then drizzle it with soy sauce or spicy mayo for some extra flavor. You can easily make this popular Japanese shrimp tempura roll recipe, so skip the restaurant and prepare some in the comfort of your own home! #GodzillaRoll #GodzillaRollSushi

Godzilla Rolls are also called Japanese shrimp tempura sushi. They are filled with crispy shrimp tempura, avocado, and cucumber, all wrapped in seasoned rice and seaweed sheets. So delicious and easy to make at home!

24. Dynamite Rolls

Get ready for an explosion of flavors with this easy-to-make sushi roll! A Dynamite Roll features crispy tempura shrimp, avocado, cucumber, mango and a delicious sauce that simply tantalizes your taste buds. A beautiful combination of sweet and savory flavors, we highly recommend serving this roll as a dinner party appetizer. However, we also understand if you decide to keep this delicious secret to yourself.

This sushi roll features crispy tempura shrimp, avocado, cucumber, mango and a delicious sauce that simply tantalizes your taste buds. A beautiful combination of sweet and savory flavors, I highly recommend serving this roll as a dinner party appetizer.

Sushi Roll FAQs

Is Sushi Raw Fish?

Sushi is not raw fish. Sushi is the name given to a Japanese dish that can be made in a variety of ways. Sushi can be made with ingredients that are not raw fish, such as vegetables or cooked proteins.

While many people enjoy raw fish in their sushi, there are just as many options for those who prefer cooked sushi rolls.

What are Some Sushi Dishes with Raw Fish / Seafood?

For those who enjoy raw sushi dishes, popular options include uni sushi, yellowtail Sashimi, spicy salmon roll, tuna roll. These sushi dishes contain raw fish and can be served with soy sauce and wasabi.

What is Cooked Sushi Made of?

Cooked sushi can be made with a variety of different ingredients. Seafood options include smoked salmon, BBQ eel, poached shrimp, or crab tempura. Fresh or cooked vegetables can be used in sushi and even non-seafood proteins such as teriyaki chicken or beef.

How to Cook Sushi Rice?

Be sure to use authentic, short-grain sushi rice. Rinse the rice and then cook in a saucepan until the rice is tender and fluffy. Let the rice cool, then stir in salt, rice vinegar, sugar, and oil. Keep stirring until the vinegar has dried out. You can enjoy sushi rice on its own or in your favorite rolls.

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Sweet Potato Sushi Rolls are filled with roasted sweet potatoes and creamy avocado, then rolled in nori seaweed sheet! It’s a kid-friendly vegan recipe that’s easy to make at home. I’ll share with you my secret to making the best sweet potato sushi rolls, with step by step photos!

Easy Cooked Sushi Roll Recipe

By: Izzy
Sweet Potato Sushi Rolls are one of my favorite cooked sushi recipes. They’re sweet, savory, and creamy. So delicious!
Servings: 3 sushi rolls


  • 1 cup sushi rice
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 ½ tablespoons sushi vinegar
  • 1 large baked sweet potato, cut into strips
  • 3 sheets nori
  • 1 avocado
  • toasted white sesame seeds


  • Wash the rice and add it to the rice maker together with water. Cook according to the instruction.
  • Once cooked, transfer the hot rice to a large bowl and let it cool down slightly. When it’s still very warm, stir in the sushi vinegar.
  • Lay out the bamboo mat with an optional piece of plastic wrap on top sticking.
  • Cut off 1/3 of the nori seaweed sheet using kitchen scissors. Then place the remaining nori sheet towards the bottom of the mat, shinning side facing down.
  • Take 3/4 cup of cooked rice and evenly spread over nori while leaving 1/2 inch at the top of the sheet. Wet your fingers in the vinegar water to spread the rice in a thin layer.
  • Sprinkle sesame seeds on top of the rice, and then place sweet potato strips and avocado slices on top.
  • Place the thumbs underneath the bamboo mat and lift the edge up and over the filling.
  • Roll the bamboo mat away from you and press the rice and filling together. Use the bamboo mat to continue rolling until reaching the blank nori on the edge.
  • Peeling the mat back away as you continue to roll, so that the nori can be rolled into a cylinder. Press the mat gently so that the roll won’t fall apart when you cut it.
  • Place the roll on a cutting board and use a long sharp knife to cut off the edges on each side. Then cut each roll into 8 pieces. Serve and enjoy!

Nutrition information provided is an estimate only and will vary based on ingredient brands and cooking methods used.

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